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Developer: Michael Roach
4.99 USD

BizQiz:Procter & Gamble, is a business based trivia game designed to test your level of expertise and understanding of Procter & Gamble. This game is not for the casual player of trivia games. In-depth company knowledge is required for you to score high in this game. If you are an employee, prospective employee, former employee, stockholder, vendor or anyone that has a connection or interest in Procter & Gamble, you should find this game informative and challenging. The questions range from easy to very difficult. But don’t worry, if the questions are too hard you can use the “ReviewQ&A” section to review all the answers. A little humor is included to lighten the impact of wrong answers. Play a trivia game and learn about Procter & Gamble. What could be more fun? (OK, maybe I can think of a few other things.) To help you with the answers, website links have been included. These links can also be used to stay up-to-date on Procter & Gamble developments, stock price and current national economic statistics.

The game does not contain ads.

Note – this game was not produced by Procter & Gamble nor is it endorsed by Procter & Gamble or any of its employees or persons mentioned or referenced within the game.

+ Business based & company specific
+ Play and learn at the same time
+ Based on company history
+ Multiple choice
+ Allows 3 wrong answers before game is over
+ Includes “ReviewQ&A” to help with correct answers
+ Highly challenging – not for the casual player
+ Contains helpful website links
+ Ad free